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Patient FAQs


General A+ Total Care FAQs

Where is A+ Total Care located?

Our clinic is located at 976 Mountain City Highway in Elko at the corner of Idaho and Mountain City Highway, northeast across the street from the Elko Fire Department. See our contact us page for a map and directions.

Are you currently hiring?

As A+ Total Care grows and adapts to the needs of its customers, we regularly do have positions available on a per-diem and full-time basis. For more information on the positions we hire for and to see what openings we currently have available, visit our job opportunities page.

How long has A+ Total Care been in business?

A+ Total Care started out in May of 2014 as A+ Urgent Care to make local, prompt, convenient medical services available daily to our local communities and out-of-town visitors. Visit our Why Choose A+ Total Care page to learn more about the A+ story.

Is A+ affiliated with the local hospital or other medical businesses in town?

A+ Total Care is proud to be a family-owned, community-focused and independently owned medical clinic. Though we collaborate with a few specialists and groups that operate under the same roof as A+ Total Care, whom we refer to as “A+ specialists”, we are not affiliated with these businesses or any other medical businesses in town including the regional hospital.

A+ Urgent Care

What is A+ Urgent Care and what services does it provide?

Our urgent care center is convenient option for when you have a non-life threatening health issue that needs same-day medical attention but isn’t a serious health concern requiring an emergency room visit. You can walk in to A+ Urgent Care for affordable care without an appointment 7 days a week. This is an ideal alternative to the cost and long wait of the ER, if you can’t get in to see your primary provider right away, you don’t have insurance, or if you don’t want to pay a high insurance deductible. A+ Urgent Care is also there for you when you have an on-the-job injury and need immediate care that can be coordinated to work with your employer’s insurance. See our full list of treatments and services for more information.

Is A+ Urgent Care a walk-in clinic?

Yes, our urgent care clinic accepts walk-in customers without an appointment, 7 days a week. We see patients on a first-come, first-served basis. You can also use our handy ZipPASS® option to check-in ahead of your arrival for the next available opening to reduce your wait time. If you check-in in person at our front desk and there is a longer than usual wait time, you can opt to leave the clinic and have us call you. We’ll notify you about 15-20 minutes from when you are to be seen so you can keep your place in line. For more information see our Preparing for Your Visit page.

What are your hours for A+ Urgent Care?

Our urgent care clinic is open 7 days a week with extended hours:

8am – 7:30pm

8am – 4pm

8am – 12pm

Do I need a physicians referral to visit A+ Urgent Care?

You do not need authorization from your primary doctor to be seen by an A+ Urgent Care provider. Our unique status as an urgent care provider holds unique agreements with insurance companies that allow you to be treated at our clinic without a referral. It doesn’t matter if you have a PPO or HMO plan, we will process your claim with your health insurance provider and the amount of your bill will be based on your carrier’s specific coverage requirements. Visit our Payment and Insurance pages to learn more.

How much does it cost for an A+ Urgent Care visit if I do not have insurance?

An office visit to A+ Urgent Care will run $235.80 if you’re a cash-paying, first-time customer and $141.30 if you’re an established customer. You will also be charged for any services or treatments you receive during your visit resulting from your exam. If you’re a cash-paying customer, you will receive a 10% discount on your office visit as well as any services or treatments you receive. You can also sign up for our annual WeCare Medical Discount Program and save up to 25% on repeat medical visits year-round.

A+ does not accept my insurance plan. What will it cost me for an urgent care visit?

In the case where A+ does not accept a specific insurance plan or is considered an out-of-network provider, the cost for your visit will be $262 for first-time customers and $157 if you’re an established customer plus the cost of any procedures, tests, or additional treatments resulting from the exam. We will bill your insurance carrier directly on your behalf so your visit can apply toward your plan’s deductible (please check with your insurance provider for how payment is applied). See our Payment and Insurance pages for details.

Is payment due at time of service?

Yes, some form of payment will be due up-front for A+ Urgent Care services. For self-pay customers and those billed through their insurance, the standard office visit amount will be charged according to whether they’re a first-time or repeat customer. Procedures, tests, or treatments resulting from a visit’s exam will also be charged. Insured customers will have a copay, co-insurance, or deductible amount to pay depending on their insurance plan and will receive a statement with a balance due for any portion of services received which were not paid by insurance. Our Payment and Insurance pages provides more information.

Why do I have to pay a higher co-pay for urgent care services?

Urgent Care co-pays are typically higher than those for primary care due to the difference in costs for providing the convenience of daily, immediate care for walk-in customers at extended weekday and weekend hours. A+ Urgent Care co-pays are usually much less than emergency room co-pays.

Does A+ Urgent Care accept Medicare and Medicaid?

Yes, we do accept Medicare and Medicaid patients. For a full list of accepted insurance plans and payment options, see our Payment and Insurance pages.

Can A+ Urgent Care fill medication prescriptions?

Yes, upon A+ Provider approval, we can call in an order for medication prescriptions or refills to a pharmacy of your choosing.

Does A+ test for strep and influenza and how long do results typically take?

Yes, we do! A strep test usually takes about 5 minutes whereas an influenza test requires about 15 minutes. If you are receiving both tests, you should be in and out of our clinic within an hour if we are not experiencing longer than normal wait times to see patients.

Can A+ Urgent Care provide emergency services?

A Plus Urgent Care is not equipped to provide emergency care for customers. If your symptoms are serious or life-threatening, please call 911. If you arrive to our clinic with an emergency condition, we may choose to call for an ambulance to transport you to the hospital ER. See our list of conditions we do not treat on the A+ Urgent Care page for more information about medical emergencies.

Do you assist patients with chronic conditions like diabetes?

Yes, we can help customers with diabetes but A+ Urgent Care does not manage diabetes on a long-term basis. A+ Urgent Care can provide short-term medical treatment for the condition like running lab tests, assessing medication lists and refilling medications and forwarding records to primary care doctors with referrals if needed. With A+ Family Care as your primary care provider, we can assist you with the ongoing treatment and management of your diabetes.

How does A+ Urgent Care differ from my primary care provider?

A+ Urgent Care can supplement the services your primary doctor usually provides but with shorter wait times and often, more comprehensive services. Primary doctors address your ongoing chronic medical issues while A+ Urgent Care can treat your immediate medical concern today without the wait and expense of an emergency room visit.

A+ Family Care

PLEASE NOTE: A+ Family Care is not accepting new primary care customers at this time and will only be serving established patients. Should A+ Family Care accept new customers in the future, we will make an announcement through our website, at our clinic, and through other means of communication to notify our community.

How can I schedule an appointment with an A+ Family Care provider?

Currently, we’re only scheduling appointments for established patients as we are not accepting new primary care customers at this time. You can schedule by calling us at 775-777-7587 or by visiting our clinic at 976 Mountain City Highway in Elko. Visit our patient forms page to download and complete patient forms prior to your appointment.

What are A+ Family Care’s hours?

A+ Family Care is open during the following days and hours:

Monday and Wednesday
10 am – 8pm

Tuesday and Friday
8 am – 6pm

How do I change my current primary care provider to A+ Family Care?

To change your current PCP provider to A+ Family Care, you’ll need to complete our Authorization to Release Medical Information form. You or an A+ Patient Services team member can provide this form to your current primary care physician to fill out. You can find this form on our patient forms page. Record transfers take between 7-10 days so if you would like us to have your records prior to your scheduled appointment, please keep this in mind. If you have addition questions, see our A+ Family Care page.

A+ OccMed Care

What is A+ OccMed Care (Occupational Medicine)?

Occupational Medicine (OM or OccMed) is the branch of clinical medicine concerned with occupational health. A+ OccMed Care strives to keep people well in the workplace and helping ill or injured employees recover and return to work quickly. To learn more about A+ OccMed Care services, visit our occupational medicine page.

How can I use A+ Occupational Medicine Services as an employee?

If you would like to use A+ Urgent Care services for on-the job injuries and work-related care, your employer will need to get their business signed up with A+ OccMed Care. Your employer will be required to complete and submit a Company Data sheet found on the Employers Forms page or you can have them contact the A+ Occupational Medicine Department by calling 775-777-7587.

What services does A+ OccMed Care provide?

For a list of A+ OccMed Care services available, please view our full list of treatments and services.

Do you perform fit testing?

Yes, A+ OccMed Care does offer fit testing as well as fitness-for-duty exams available on a walk-in basis through our urgent care clinic. You can schedule an appointment to receive these tests by calling A+ at 775-777-7587 and view our other tests available on our Treatments and Services page.

Does A+ OccMed Care offer DOT testing?

A+ OccMed Care does offer DOT testing by walk-in visit to our A+ Urgent Care clinic depending on time availability. You can also schedule your DOT test appointment by calling 775-777-7587. If for some reason we are unable to perform DOT testing for you during a walk-in visit, we’ll schedule an appointment for you at your convenience.

Have Additional Questions?

Give us a call at 775-777-7587, or email us using our online contact form to let us know if there’s a question you’d like to see answered on our FAQs page.


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